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Observations from the first day of camp, oh and also I got peed on.

The biggest change with me being home for the summer is that my son only goes to daycare 6 hours a day. While that may still seem like a lot, that’s exactly HALF of the amount of time he used to go to daycare when I was working in Manhattan. HALF. That’s a huge difference. An entirely new schedule that I had to prepare for on the eve of his first day of “camp”. He’d no longer need 2 meals at camp, because he’d eat breakfast with me before he left. He’d probably no longer take his afternoon nap at camp because he’d be home with me by then. He’d probably no longer need 4 bottles a day, because he wouldn’t be there such an enormous amount of time anymore. But I decided to send 3 the first day just in case. That third one got sent home and when I turned on the sink to heat it up for him, he peed (out his diaper) on me. 2 bottles it is.

His first day of camp was also my first day of Paid Family Leave and I got a little overzealous about not having to go to work and overslept til 8:15. Camp starts at 9, oops. I also underestimated the time it would take to get him ready, feed him breakfast, slather him in sunscreen, and get him out the door. Also underestimated how much more traffic there would be at 9am versus 6am, and the crowdedness (is that even a word?) of the parking lot. Needless to say there are definitely some kinks we have to work out in the new schedule.

The moment I deleted the weekday 5:25am alarm was so liberating. Huzzah!

When we arrived at camp, all of the other kids were already there. We went from being the first stroller to arrive, to the last, and when I couldn’t even find a spot to park ours in, I was strangely overjoyed! It was kind of surreal. Leisurely dropping off, chatting with the teacher, not throwing him at the lady and racing to get a parking spot at the train. We were able to watch him interact with his friends for the first time because remember, I never got to witness any of this before. There were no other kids there when we used to drop off. Occasionally I’d look at the photos online and see him holding hands with the other babies or playing by himself and smile. What a sweet boy, I’d think. Or, oh my what a little flirt!

So when I placed him on the floor to play, this was my first first-hand look at my son in action. And what did I find out? My kid is a lunatic. A one-man tiny wrecking ball. As my husband coined him, a "Tor-nate-o." You thought I was the copywriter, but the hubby's pulling out all the zingers! Within a second my son was immediately trying to take the pacifiers out of other kids mouths, stick his fingers up their noses, or take their toys away. All the children were playing quietly and he was speed crawling around the room screeching and screaming “ba babab ba ba.” Clearly the party don’t start until Nathan arrives. When I came back to pick him up the teacher said, he’s so good! Good? He's so loud and kinda a bully? She said, he’s going to be a leader. A leader of what? The child mafia?...


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