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The Ultimate Baby Packing List- Tips and Tricks

We liked to consider ourselves expert packers in our house but packing for a long trip with kids can be daunting .

No matter how long your trip is, follow these general tips and tricks and have everything you need without tipping over the luggage scale or needing a small mule.


Start by making a list for everyone with what they need. It prevents over packing and keeps you focused!

To master the art of packing see my blog post on a packing essential- packing cubes. I am absolutely obsessed with these little cubes and I wonder how I ever traveled without them. It makes living out of a suit case easy and you even dedicate a cube to laundry to keep clean and dirty clothes separate.

If you are into being super organized aka neurotic- you can also use a Ziploc bags for each days outfit. Take it one step further and label them with the day it will be worn.

Always bring an extra small foldable duffle bag to fit in your case. It’s amazing how you come back with twice as much then when you left. We have been caught out many times going overweight and having to pay a fee. A small foldable duffle is worth it just in case you start tipping the scale.

How Much to Pack

You have to be ruthless if you want to keep your weight down! If you are staying less than a week then the trick is to ONLY pack the amount of days you’re staying with 2 extra outfits for baby which are located in your diaper bag for emergencies.

If your trip is longer then a week you pack the same amount because hopefully you’ll have access to a washer.

Pack lots of outfits that are verstaile and can be mixed and matched. Keep in mind it is likely you’ll see a cute shirt or pair pants and want to buy them - so it’s better to not over pack.

Pack Light

No need to pack “what if’s.” Unless you are going somewhere extremely remote, babies do exist throughout the world and you can always buy things you forget or run out of.

Share a bag with all your toiletries considering the fact you will all be using the bathroom at the same time. Also consider sacrificing your individuality by sharing products to save space and weight- ie: use the same shampoo.

Try using reusueable baby food pouches for toiletries because even travel size shampoo can be bulky and add weight. You can also buy various tolietries at your destination.

Bring 1 package of diapers, swim diapers and wipes. Unless you are going somewhere very remote you can buy extra on the go.

Don’t bring tons of toys. Its amazing how even the plastic cup on the airplane can entertain a 9 month old.

First Aid

I always pack a mini first aid kit. You never know when something will come up and you won’t have access to a pharmacy especially since fevers and illness always strike in the middle of the night! Our first aid kit has: band aids, infant ibuprofen, Tylenol, Neosporin, thermometer and infant Benadryl.

Zip Lock Bags and Plastic Carrier Bags

I always pack a few Zip Lock bags and some plastic carrier bags. You never know when a really smelly diaper comes along with no trash can in sight or when clothes become dirty when you’re out and about. They’re also great for throwing wet clothes in and for shopping because many counties in Europe now charge for plastic carrier bags.

Invest in a Luggage Scale

No one likes paying fees for having overweight luggage. Invest in one of these handy gadgets to avoid any airport surprises.

Essential Baby Gear

Car Seat- I highly recommend the Cosco Scenera Car Seat. It is light weight and so easy to install. It can be used up to 40lbs and is slender so easily fits in all car types. It is light as a feather weighing in at only 8 lbs. We store ours in our 14$ J.L Childress Gate check Bag. This bag fold up super small when we aren’t using it and is so cheap that if it gets ripped it can be easily replaced without breaking the bank.

Travel Cot- I love the Phil and Teds Traveller Cot. Only weighing in at 8lbs this cot is sturdy and has followed us around the world and back again. Elah loves it.

Stroller- We recently started using the mountain buggy nano (full review to follow). It is also extremely light weight, durable and folds up to be stored in the airplane overhead compartment!

High Chair- We love our mountain buggy lobster chair. The only issue is that it does add weight to your luggage and will not work on thick or rickety tables. So we tend to bring our Tot Seat Chair. This genius invention attaches to any chair and folds up small. It is fabric and easily washable by hand or in the laundry.

NOTE: pending where you are going many rental companies exist around the world. You can rent items like cots, car seats, strollers, high chairs etc and have them delivered directly to your hotel room. We have not done this yet but I have read and heard great things.

General Packing List for Baby

· 9 Days worth of Clothes

· 3 PJs

· 1 Packet of Diapers, Wipes and Swim Diapers

· Bottles and pacifers (pending age)

· 1 Sippy Cup (pending age)

· Diaper Rash Cream

· Plastic and Zip Lock Bags

· A few favorite toys and books

· 2 Hats

· First Aid Kit

· Essential Baby Gear (see above)

· Long Sleeve Shirt or Jacket if needed pending weather

· 2 travel crib sheets

· Wearable blanket for baby

· Sound machine

· Washer liquid for hand washing clothes if needed

· Baby Snacks for plane

· Night light

· Bib

· Sunscreen and or mosquito repellent if needed

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