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The Great Escape

If you haven't figured it out by now I have 2 great passions in life...my daughter and traveling. I guess I should change that to 3..my husband is pretty amazing.

In order to travel I have to work

Ilan books all our trips in an app called tripcase. Each trip has a countdown and everyday before work I open the app and stare....counting down our days until our next trip.

It has always been our or maybe my dream to take 6 months-1 year traveling around the globe.

I follow tons of people on instagram and facebook doing it! When I was pregnant with Elah I found a whole community of families on facebook passionate about family travel and specifically passionate about taking family gap years during their maternity leave. My family travel idol Travel Mad Mum used her maternity leave to travel around the world with both her children.

I used my maternity leave to binge watch netflix.

We have taken Elah to 5 countries so far. I have found the best bonding time we have had as a family is when we are traveling. We are passionate about travel and love sharing that with Elah. There are no distractions and the experience of traveling as a family is irreplaceable.

So when my friend told me about the NY paid family leave that started in January 2018 I didn't think I was eligible because she was born in September 2017, not realizing you could take it within the first year.

So we did it. Both Ilan and I are will be taking paid family leave for 5 weeks.

We are packing up our very large suitcase, shutting our blinds, letting our bills pile up and taking Elah on an expedition across the Balkans.

We travel not to escape but for life not to escape us


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