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The Great Debate- Stroller vs. Baby Carrier

The days of our carry on suitcase as we snicker walking to the airport exit past the other passengers waiting at the baggage carousel are over.

We are now those suckers anxiously awaiting our bag. Between the luggage and car seat there is only one questionable item left. If I don't want to spend my holiday holding a 20lb human what can I put them in?

Hence the great debate...stroller vs. baby carrier

In truth..usually you need both.

I'm pretty sure when we travel it looks like we are moving away.

What is Better for the Airport - Stroller or Baby Carrier?

For a young infant I would baby carry all the way. Most umbrella strollers babies have to be able to sit up themselves. Therefore you are likely going to be bringing a larger snap and go or a travel system. They are a pain to get through security. So check those monsters at the check in counter.

For older babies bringing a stroller may be more comfortable because it is an extra seat for baby and also an extra nap area in case of delays. There are so many amazing products on the market now that actually fold up and fit in the overhead compartment like our mountain buggy nano. The advantage of a stroller that fits in the overhead compartment is that you don't have to wait for it at the gate after your flight and can stroll right off the plane.

Also check your local airport as many have strollers available so you can always check yours and use one of them if you need to.


If you're going to be out all day then having the stroller will be more comfortable for all involved and can also be useful for naps.

However, nothing destroys wheels and causes more frustration that cobble stone streets, unpaved roads and sandy beaches so a baby carrier may be more useful at these locations.


Carrying a baby in very hot weather is neither pleasant for you or the baby. Therefore a stroller is my first choice in hot humid weather. In addition a stroller becomes very useful to keep baby out of the sun and rain (as we learned during a torrential down pour in Slovenia where we got soaked using the baby carrier).


Some places won't allow strollers and make you check them such as museums. Check any locations ahead of time so you know if you will be allowed to take the baby in a stroller and bring the baby carrier if needed. If the website/location doesn't specify then look at information on wheelchair accessibility, which is a good indication for how easily you can get around with a stroller.

Daily Life

What do you prefer during your day to day life? This is what you will most likely be most comfortable with traveling. Personally, I am a baby carrier. I love my Mia Mily Hipster Baby Carrier and tend to use it way more when we travel then our stroller.


If you want to travel light then you can always look into baby gear rental companies like https://babysaway.com/. The'll deliver right to your hotel room!

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