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The Flight from H-E Double Hockey Sticks

It isn't always pretty.

It finally happened. Elah has been on 15 flights before 10 months old, including her 15 hour flight to and from China. On the way back we literally were traveling for 24 hours. We had our moments of her being a baby, but overall it went well.

Obviously her shortest flight, unlucky flight 16 would be...the flight from HELL!

We went to Miami for the weekend to meet Ilan's parents who were on a 2 week holiday (from us - as they had been staying with us for 2 weeks prior).

On the 2.5 hour flight down, Elah was fine. She started some major teething action while we were in Florida- we bought teethers, gave her ibuprofen and were able to distract with pool, sun and some cousin love.

It is a 2.5 hour flight from Fort Lauderdale to JFK- Elah was not fine.

She screamed the entire flight.

Snacks didn't help

Breastfeeding didn't help

Walking the aisles didn't help

Toys didn't help

I heard a pitch of screaming like I never heard before. People were staring, muttering under their breath and giving the the death stare. Not only was I horrified but I felt incompetent. Ilan had stayed in Florida and I apparently was incapable of soothing my own child.

You know those stories you read on Facebook or instagram about the passengers that helped soothe the screaming baby?

These angels are real.

She didn't speak english but she saw the gratitude in my eyes. She gave me that nod of solidarity amongst moms who understand the challenges of motherhood.

I managed in my awful spanish to offer to pay for her uber home but when I got out to baggage claim, she was gone.

So to the woman on JetBlue Airways flight B6 302 in seat 12C....Thank you for your kindness, I am forever grateful.


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