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Yes, this is shameless self promotion at its best.

I must confess. I've been lying to you for months. Making you think that all I've been doing with my life is cooking, cleaning, mommying, and being a hilarious screw up. When in fact I've been working really hard at starting my own tiny side business. And because this is my blog, and the holidays are coming, I'm now going to pimp myself out. And you're going to like it.

Many of you may not know that I actually have a college degree in singing. And that before I became a writer, my preferred creative outlet was to use my voice melodically. But alas, there already was a Celine Dion, and performing in the subways isn't exactly a safe or reliable way to make a living. So I channeled my creativity into the written word instead. However, when I left my advertising job as a copywriter a couple of months ago, I needed a new outlet for my creativity. And since I'm terrible at drawing, like can't even make a convincing stick figure, I've been designing jewelry.

This involves a couple of my favorite pastimes. Shopping (for beads.) During which I take my trusty sidekick and creative consultant friend Mara, who's helped pick out some of the most popular bead styles and is currently auditioning for the role of my agent. Designing and playing with different colors and textures. And making money. Although between all the thousands of beads, storage, displayware, etc, I'll just hope to maybe break even.

What about skulls? Duh, everyone likes skulls.

I probably could not have picked a worse hobby to do while also having a baby. Usually anything involving small parts or pieces is generally frowned upon as a choking hazard. For that reason, among others like my child demands my undivided attention and if he knocked over my bead case my OCD would be off the charts, I typically bead at night after Nathan is asleep. One evening my husband came home from work to find me crawling around on my hands and knees on the living room floor. WTF are you doing he asked? Well, every time I drop a bead, which is often because some of them are small, occasionally when I'm trying to knot the bracelet I accidentally drop it, or once (ok more than once) I pulled too hard and it snapped and shot beads all over the room, I force myself to find it immediately. Because if I don't find it, there's no doubt in my mind that Nathan will. Especially since I caught him putting a crumb of Snickers bar in his mouth that I must have dropped on the floor when I binged on his Halloween candy. So there I was on the ground examining the rug desperately looking for a teeny tiny bead. What color is it, my husband asked. Grey. Cool, the whole carpet is grey.

Only took me an hour to find it and I almost went cross-eyed in the process. Like I said, working really hard! So please follow me on Facebook and Instagram @TheBeadette. If you're local, come to my upcoming holiday shows! Get some stocking stuffers! Get some teacher gifts! Get ready for camp! Get yourself a present!

And before I step down off my soapbox... don't forget to VOTE tomorrow. I'll forgive you for not buying a bracelet, but I won't forgive you for that...


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