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I wanted to put that on a custom frame for the cat a few years ago but my brother said it was inappropriate. Apparently I now have another hungry boy in my house.

We started solids early. Because my son is breastfed and a pipsqueak (in the 6th percentile for weight at the 4 month point and my husband will never let me forget it), I had 3 choices. Make more milk, supplement with formula, or start cereal. Well really 2 choices because the first one was virtually impossible (the doctor even laughed when he said it). We left the 4-month pediatrician appointment in January with very clear instructions.


It killed me to think that I was responsible for providing food for my baby and everyone was saying he was not getting enough. That I literally could not provide enough nourishment for my starving child. It was a direct attack that I took personally even though everyone said not to take it personally. So clearly, I was very emotional about it (which my husband learned when again gently suggesting formula and then promptly regretting it.) If my son truly was starving, wouldn’t he let us know? Wouldn’t he be crying for food all the time? He’s not from a remote village in Africa, he’s at least on the curve. Percentile schmentile.

I’d rather have a baby with a killer metabolism than an overweight pudger. Amiright?

But alas the directive EAT MORE plagued my mind. My sister-in-law gave me a container of organic formula that she’d bought when she’d considered supplementing, but then magically was able to get by making enough milk. Mystical witch. I stared at it, put it in the pantry just in case, and decided to go with choice number 3. Cereal. It’s more sustenance and it gets mixed with my milk, so it fills him up more while using less milk.

Winner winner more for dinner.

As with every new milestone, now I needed to buy a whole bunch more stuff. Cereal, bowls, more bibs, and spoons. The spoons specifically, had to be made in the USA according to my father. We should not be feeding the baby with utensils made in China because they cannot be trusted. Good luck finding that in the baby stores.

I think I spent days of my life turning over every package of spoons in Buy Buy Baby and reading the small print. MADE IN CHINA. Back on the shelf. MADE IN CHINA. Kill

me now.

When I finally found spoons made in the USA on Amazon Prime, we were ready to go! And this kid LOVES cereal. He ate for the first time off the spoon like he was an adult. Finished everything, and to top it off, cleaned his own mouth and face with his bib. Operation cereal was a resounding success. Hopefully next up, fruits and veggies because I have a feeling this kid is going to eat us out of house and home...

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