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Slovenia is a MUST SEE destination

Slovenia is a hidden gem. Full of kind people, delicious food and picturesque mountains.

I can’t even count the amount of smiles, waves and ooh and ahhing Elaha received from complete strangers in Ljubljana. Whether it be the staff at Rent A Car or the man who played a riveting game of peek a boo during our 2 hour plane ride - The people of Slovenia loved Elah and Elah loved them back.

Ljubljana was like stepping back into a story tale with cobble stone streets and old majestic buildings. It was extremely baby friendly and there were tons of families.

Despite the streets being cobble stone the extremely hot weather made baby wearing intolerable. However our mountain buggy nano took to the challenge and we were easily able to navigate around town.

It’s still Europe so tap water is a go and basically anything you need including our quick trip to baby center was just on the other side of town. Except I don’t read Slovenian and got disposable diaper bags instead of wipes 🤣

A quick ride up the Funicular made a fun experience for Elah leaving us with a panoramic view of the city and a quick visit to the museum of puppetry for Elah.

If you like meat and cheese and crafted beer than Ljubljana is the place for you.

We don’t eat pork and don’t drink beer so the food scene was a bit complicated and we soon learned anywhere we wanted to eat needed a reservation and no one had any high chairs but lucky for us our infant seat proved valuable.

If you find yourself in Slovenia there is nothing more beautiful Lake Bled. This amazing piece of heaven on earth was worth the 2.5 mile (at times scary) hike with Elah on my back.

Slovenia used to not be a typical holiday destination but has gained popularity over the years and for good reason! The food, the the landscape, the buildings and the people make it a top tourist destination especially with baby!

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