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5 Tips to Maintain a ScheduleWhile Traveling with Baby

That’s what’s great about schedules, they give you the freedom to be spontaneous and break the rules every now and then!

The fear to maintain a schedule is often parent’s worse fear when traveling and the worry that they’ll never get back on schedule when they return. But you know what, you can love routines and schedules but still enjoy a vacation outside your normal routine.

Elah has always been very flexible when traveling. We’ve always practiced radical acceptance of what will be, will be and here are a few things we did to help prepare Elah for travel and some tips to “somewhat” stay on schedule while traveling.

1. Nap in different places

From an early age get baby used to napping in different places- whether the car, baby carrier or travel cot. Try practicing before you go away to lower your anxiety that baby’s truly are adaptable. If you’re on a 2 nap schedule try to plan at least one nap in the place you’re staying if possible.

2. Try to keep to similar Nap and Bedtimes as to home.

When possible try to have baby nap and go to sleep at similar times. Even if you are out and about, by laying down the stroller flat, putting a cover over baby in the carrier or planning to pop back to the hotel room- the nap time will stay the same. The only thing different will be the environment.

3. Bring the supplies you need for sleep success

Create a familiar sleep environment. Don’t forget your sound machine, sleep sack, blanket, lovey or

travel blackout blinds, such as the Gro Anywhere Blind to help establish your same environment. Invest in a good travel crib- we love our Phil and Teds Travel Cot!

4. Plan Lazy Days

Traveling with kids is not like traveling when it was just the two of you. You can’t go bungee jumping in the morning, climb the waterfall in the afternoon and then go out to dinner at night followed by a night club.

Not every moment of your holiday has to be action filled. Don’t over schedule

5. Radical Acceptance

This is the #1 best piece of advice- Radical Acceptance.

Babies smell fear. If you're stress, baby will be too. Even if your baby sleeps well at home, they may not do so in a new environment.

If a nap can’t happen when it “should” every once in a while during your trip, simply roll with it.

Be prepared to be flexible, and to make the best of whatever comes.


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