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Having the time of our lives.

I suddenly feel terrible for all the times I said that Syd was a tough infant. Not that she knows, and you're not going to tell her right? I guess spending months locked in your house will give you a lot of time for reflection and even more time to intimately get to know your kids. So I've taken this time to really assess the situation. And the situation is this. Bailey (the cat) is counting down the minutes until we will finally leave him alone in the house again, but is truly enjoying me feeding him 24/7. Nathan is a maniac who needs constant attention, and also a very loving, sarcastic, funny little boy. And Sydney, is a sweet, quiet, smiling machine. Seriously she only cries when she needs something. Which isn't often. She is really emerging as the shining star of this quarantine. Sometimes I even forget she is here. Which is exactly what I'd like to do. Forget that we're all still here. Still. In this house.

Great job everyone! Only 2 more weeks to go right? Did I say 2 weeks? I meant 2 years.

I was joking the other night with my parents that we've been in this house for so long that Nathan is now in college. Because he might as well be. I can't even explain to you how we've survived everyday up until this point. It's basically become path of least resistance, i.e., "pandemic parenting," because I have no energy to fight about everything while working and also taking care of 2 small children. It was either that or the total "police state" approach, which I saw early on as having potentially disastrous consequences. I'll give you an example. Nap time. Nathan had no interest anymore. Apparently nap time is for quarantine suckers who'll miss out on a whole extra hour of doing the same old nothing. But initially I insisted, meaning I had to put him in his crib against his will. Then either watch him scream and tantrum and try to climb out of his crib, which he's getting really close to accomplishing, or sit in his room with him for an hour until he maybe fell asleep. Both options suck, but enabling him to learn how to climb out of his crib, forcing me to put him in a bed sucks more. So we just dropped nap time. Which also sucks. So now my kid doesn't nap. Eats all his meals on the couch, like he's 20 and lives in a studio apartment. Goes to sleep at 10 pm. Wakes up at 11am. And tells his grandparents he doesn't get treats because "I'm fresh and I watch my iPad all day." Might need to rethink the police state.

Meanwhile there's Syd. What does she know about all the changes going on in her world? She's spent more than half her life stuck in this house with me between my maternity leave and quarantine. Daycare must've seemed like a fun little vacation for her. At first I was worried that she wouldn't achieve any of her milestones at home since my attention was split between work, general house things, and a rambunctious toddler. She wouldn't do enough tummy time or learn to sit up because I'm lazy and just leave her to sloth in the swing. But recently she's decided to take things into her own hands and begin hanging out the side of the swing and squealing with glee like a tiny dare devil. Don't worry, she's strapped in and definitely not going anywhere, but she wants to let everyone know she's got spunk too and no longer wants to be contained. She's ready to break out. I feel you girl, I feel you...

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