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Phil & Ted Traveller Cot Review

What should baby sleep in? Read here! Cribs, bassinets, pack n plays, co-sleepers and travel cots...basically all the same things, a place for the baby to sleep. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you need somewhere for that little head to rest at night.

“It's lightweight, comfortable, weighs less then most newborn babies and fits in your checked baggage."

I scoured the internet high and low for the perfect travel cot (also called a crib, please excuse my British terms). I thought about co-sleeping, those foldable bassinets or just using the cots offered by hotels. I soon came to realize I would need my own travel cot because we prefer Air BnBs over hotels and some of those hotels cots are...not nice. As Elah gets bigger she needs her own space (as would we) and the American Academy of Pediatrics had scared the s*** out of me that baby needs to sleep on their own flat surface to help decrease the risk of the dreaded SIDS.

I saw my brother lugging around his huge Graco Pack N Play which basically was it’s own checked bag and weighed close to 20lbs! Then I saw one my best friend with her Baby Bjorn. It was fancy, smaller but still appeared huge and again not only came with a hefty price tag of close to 300$ for the travel crib light but also weighed 13lbs. This was not going to work. I found various pop up bassinets/cots by Kilofly, Peapod and the Koo-Di travel cot (promoted by my favorite travel blogger Travel Mad Mum). Yet, I found even the smaller, lighter pop ups not sturdy and flimsy. We needed something durable, small, breathable lightweight, sustainable and didn’t break the bank.

Enter, Phil and Teds Traveller Cot.

Who is Phil and Ted?

Phil and Teds is a company based out of New Zealand that launched in 1996. They’re slowly gaining popularity in the US and have been super popular in other countries around the world due to their wide range of small sustainable (not everyone has a gigantic house and tons of land like in the US). Their motto is to adapt and survive the parenting day by creating products that let you live your dynamic lifestyle with kids outside of the nursery/home. They create products that are small, portable and sustainable with a small footprint. They make a wide array of products from strollers, highchairs, carriers, and even its own car seat. But this review focus on one of its travel cots – The Traveller.

The Traveller

Product Dimensions Weight: 2.8kg/6lbs (including carry bag). Packed: 65 x 20 x 20cm / 25.6 x 7.8 x 7.8" assembled (footprint): 117 x 79 x 63cm / 46 x 31 x 24.8" mattress size: 98 x 57cm / 38.6 x 22.4" It comes with 1 fitted sheet, a breathable mesh material all around so baby can push up against the side (Elah enjoys sleeping in corners in a small ball that resembles a baby) and baby is visible through the mesh. For all you crunchy moms the fabric of the traveler is washable & Oeko-tex certified, to be free from health-hazardous substances.

Set Up and Disassembly

This is probably the only con with this travel cot. The Traveller is relatively easy to put together but it has to be done carefully and concisely and although the directions are on point for assembly and disassembly it does take a bit of concentration and at least 5-10 minutes (which can be a challenge when you have a jet lagged screaming baby at midnight). The mattress is inflatable but very sturdy and only fits the Phil and Teds sheets (how convenient). We’ve also learned extras sheets are a must ($24.99 for a set of 2). The sheets are rather thin and when Elah cries she can easily soak through it but don’t fret even extra sheets fit easily into the travel bag. When taking apart you have to deflate the mattress to get it back into the bag. We have found the best way to do this is to roll it a couple of times while pushing the air out.

Is it comfortable?

Yes, Elah slept well in it. We have used it multiple times aboard and even a few times at our own house when guests have slept in her room and we needed to bunk together. She was happy she could see us through the mesh and it had good air circulation and was very breathable. We were concerned that maybe she would grow out of it because it is so small but when we compared it in size to a Baby Bjorn which my best friends 2 year still sleeps in, the difference was miniscule. The Travaller is basically the bare bones of the Bjorn and Pack N Play which is why its so small and light but yet it does not skimp on comfort for your little one.

The Verdict

We love our Phil and Ted Traveller Cot. It is everything we were looking for and Elah is very comfortable in it. It is great for traveling abroad because it fits into our checked luggage and also easy if we need it locally. It is a reasonable price compared to its competitors and will be a long lasting item for us in the future. The Traveller retails at $149.99 and can be purchased on the Phil and Ted website or even Amazon for $145.99 with prime. Extra sheets can be purchased for $24.99 for a set of 2 either via the Phil and Ted website or Amazon.

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