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My flu test might have been negative, but I'm positive I'm sick.

You can't get the flu when you're a mom of 2 small, helpless kids. Well technically you can, but you really can't. Because it's impossible not to have responsibilities. Or to not feel guilty about not being able to perform said responsibilities. Luckily up until this point, I'd only been afflicted with kid diseases like strep and pink eye, that while monumentally suck, don't incapacitate me to the point where I can't care for anyone else. And I only had 1 kid to care for. This time though I was down for the count, and while it was awful being sick, I feel like it was worse for my husband who was also sick, just the least sick of the group and therefore the one responsible for caring for all of us. It was either him or the cat.

I'd been coughing for over a week. My husband had been coughing for a couple weeks. Nathan has a constant runny nose from September to May. And Sydney had some mild congestion. Until she woke up with a fever one morning. No matter how hard I prayed that it was just our first ear infection, Josh reported that the doctor had diagnosed her with Flu A. Obviously terrifying in an infant too young to be vaccinated, we monitored her closely and took extra care of her. Which meant I was handling her, staying up all night with her, cleaning her snots and getting coughed on. So basically the same as before she had the flu. It came as no surprise to anyone that by the time Syd was pretty much on the mend, I had developed a fever and chills.

We also infected my Dad because besides sharing wonderful memories with their grandparents, these kids are also walking Typhoid Mary's, who share plagues.

It's crazy how sickness now tears through the house like a wildfire. We're just going to reinfect each other around and around until every inch of our house is plastered in Lysol wipes or Spring comes. Whichever happens sooner. Even though Sydney is basically immobile and doesn't use or share utensils, there's no real way to quarantine anyone's germs. No matter how many times I asked Nathan to please not go near Sydney because she wasn't feeling well, he would constantly run over to her swing and stick his face in her face and then cough all over her. Although I was Purell'ing 500 times a day, Sydney was breathing all over me. And I was sucking her snot out with the NoseFrida so I was basically doomed.

I feel like we're in the movie Outbreak except Patient Zero wasn't an adorable monkey, it was probably my husband.

Josh had been traveling for work, on a couple airplanes, which are havens for disease, and at conferences with thousands of people (hopefully not from China). And even though both kids are at daycare, also a haven for disease, I think this one was on him. When I could no longer swallow, and Josh was sufficiently tired of hearing me crazily talk about how we all probably had coronavirus, meanwhile the closest I've come to China is eating takeout on Christmas, I decided to take myself to the urgent care. They swabbed me for Flu and strep, which somehow both came back negative. Should be a fun rest of cold and flu season. Too bad Amazon is already sold out of masks. After last week, I wouldn't be above wearing one until April...

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