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Our Croatia Roadtrip with baby

Before I traveled around Croatia all I knew was it has become a “trendy” place to visit in Europe. Ilan had always wanted to come to Croatia but there is so much to see and felt it needed it’s only dedicated road trip to explore all it has to offer.

So we’ve spend the last 2 weeks diving around Croatia with Elah- from Zagreb to Dubrovnik and everywhere in between. What I can’t get over is the amount of open space in Croatia. Croatia is only a country of 4.5 million people that is 56,000 sq kilometers. Most flee to the cities leaving a lot of untouched beautiful landscape. From beaches to crisp mountain air the depth of Croatia’s beauty isn’t able to be captured on an Instagram photo.


Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and although we are not a fan of large cities it definitely proved itself by just being a fun city to roam around.

The old city is split into Donji grad (Lower Town/Downtown) and Gornji Grad (Upper Town) which was easy to get between via our favorite mode of transportation: the funicular.

We made a quick stop at the dolac markets and popped over to famous Jelacic square. Later we strolled along Tkalciceva Street for a quick bite to eat. Of course our trip was not complete without a visit to the famous Museum of Broken Relationships.

Overall Zagreb was pretty cool with an awesome night life and lots good eats.


Hum is the Guinness book world record holder for the smallest town in the world with a population of 17-23. It has its own town officials and town government. It was extremely off the beaten trail and hard to get to without a car but is a beautiful example of an “untouched urban development inside medieval walls”.


Rovinj is a fishing port off the West Coast of Istrian Pennisula. It is an entanglement of cobble stone streets and medieval buildings along the water. It felt like Italy which isn’t surprising considering its 64 miles from Italy. Although there are not many specific attractions the city itself is the attraction and was charming to walk around.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice is the largest park in Croatia, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the prettiest places you’ll ever see.

The park has 16 interconnected lakes, cascading into each other via waterfalls, with wooden walkways along the lakes. Various hiking trails ranged from 2-8 hours and are linked via trains and boats. We decided to opt for the 2-4 hour hike and to carry Elah in our trusty Mia Mily carrier carrier because although the paths were extremely accessible, wooden planks did not seem ideal with our buggy (stroller).

I was less then thrilled when Ilan informed me I would be getting up at 530am to make it to the park by 7am. However by 11am the park was swarming with tourists and the narrow walkways created stop and go traffic where one selfie stopped everyone behind you. We were luckily only spectators of this as Ilan was right (shhh don’t tell him) and we swiftly exited the park after being caught in a slight torrential downpour at 11am.


Dubrovnik is Croatia’s #1 most toured city and for good reason. Located along the southern coast along the Adriatic Sea its beauty is breath taking.

The city’s Old Town is encircled with massive stone walls completed in the 16th century; the cobble stone streets and original buildings make us feel like we were back in medieval times.

We forgoed a ride in the cable car due to the long 1 hour line but luckily we had a car and were able to drive up the mountain for the gorgeous postcard views of the city.

We stopped in a few other places in Croatia - we rented a house for a week with Ilans parents near Split and took some day trips to other old cities such as Krk (which holds the smallest street in the world) and the old city of Trogir.

Overall Croatia was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scenery, delicious food and kind people.

My only caution is that although Croatia is beautiful in summer it is very hot with temperatures easily hitting 100 degrees in the early morning and very busy with tourists in the summer. We saw more cars with other countries from the European Union than nationals themselves. I would aim to go a bit off season such as late spring or early fall to avoid the scorching heat and crowded streets.

Until next time! The Roadtrip continues we are off to Montenegro and Kosovo :)

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