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If you think I'll be better prepared this time around, you're giving me way too much credit.

I'm usually very organized and I like to be on top of everything. Waiting until the last minute to do anything gives me anxiety. So when I was pregnant with Nathan, I started ordering everything I thought I'd need way ahead of time to the dismay of my husband. It wasn't necessarily that he was superstitious, although that may have been a slight contributor, it was more that he didn't understand why we needed to have tubs of Balmex and burp cloths sitting around our house for months. Whereas I had an extensive list and when I checked something off, I felt very accomplished. Gold star to the only person to have all the diaper creams in May when the baby was due in September.

The baby furniture however was another story. I wanted it ordered and set up as soon as possible and my husband wanted it to arrive at the very last possible minute. Which it turns out it literally did. We had agreed to have it delivered 10 days before Nathan was due and it was scheduled to arrive the Friday of Labor Day weekend, Friday September 1. The Friday I went into labor. My brother-in-law had to come to the house to accept the delivery while we were in labor and delivery.

I didn't start blogging until Nathan was 4 months old. So none of the early stories were ever shared. This new kid will not be as fortunate.

This is why I like to do everything ahead of time. So that when you're already 10 minutes late for your newborn's first pediatrician's appointment and the baby nurse says to you, "alright let's go, where's the diaper bag?" you don't stare blankly like a confused, first-time postpartum deer-mom in the headlights thinking "oh yea I bought one of those, but it's upstairs, empty, with the tags still on it, next to a 6 month old tub of Balmex." I will never forget how she looked at me in that moment. Like I was the most unprepared, hot mess of a mom, who didn't understand basic fundamentals like don't leave the house without taking baby necessities with you. At that point everyone was lucky I had remembered to take the baby with me.

My new nurse laughed when I told her the diaper bag story. Then she topped my story by telling me she had worked for Anthony Scaramucci. She definitely has way better stories than I'll ever have.

This time I didn't need to worry about the furniture or having enough supplies because everything was neatly tucked away in bins after Nathan finished with it. But I did have to actually plan to find those bins, assess their contents, put baby sized diapers, fresh wipes, and everything else one needs in the diaper bag. Although I still somehow forgot to put in any burp cloths and had to use Nathan's extra pair of pants for spit up at Sydney's first pediatrician's appointment. Also we forgot to take the stroller.

I thought having a scheduled C-section, and the hindsight to learn from all of my many, many mistakes, would allow me to pretend I have any idea what I'm doing this time. Hint: I don't. However all the planning and knowledge in the world means nothing when suddenly confronted with the task of having to take care of a newborn and a toddler at the same time. So don't worry guys, there will be plenty of material. I might be an "experienced mom", but this website isn't changing to Mommy's a Master anytime soon. More like Mommy's even Messier...

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