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Last week's Game of Thrones sadly wasn't the most anxiety filled hour of my night.

You can't imagine the bliss that overcomes you when your baby finally starts sleeping through the night. When you put them in the crib at 7pm and don't see them again until 7am, it's like a whole new world has opened up to you. 12 blissful hours of aloneness and peace and quiet. Utter paradise. And then one day, for reasons unbeknownst to you and possibly inexplicable, paradise is lost.

Nathan had actually usually been a pretty good sleeper. Except for those few nights when we had company staying over, which oddly corresponded with him cutting some new teeth. But for the most part, he loves his crib and unless he's sick or in pain, he stays asleep the entire night. That's why when he doesn't, we are conflicted about how to handle the situation. However I am sad to report that 5 out of the last 6 nights, Nathan has been waking up screaming in the middle of the night to demand various things such as "baba," or food, or to just creepy cry, thrash around, and stand in his crib and stare at us like a bizarre zombie child.

I had just experienced an intense and stressful 90 minutes of the undead then had to witness my son have a weird night terror.

Every parent blames everything on teething. I've been blaming all of Nathan's odd behavior on teething the entire time he's been alive. He's got diarrhea? Must be teething. Diaper rash. Must be teething. Not eating well. Teething. Waking up at night. Teething. And possibly all of that was caused by teething. Or something else. The world may never know. And when all of this happens and I inspect his mouth and discover a new tooth, I am vindicated. And when I can't find any evidence of anything new going on in his mouth, I am baffled. Because be warned, TEETHING IS COMING. Nathan only has 8 teeth and apparently that means I'm waiting for 12 more. And those molars certainly sound like fun.

But apparently night terrors are a real thing. Not just something I have every time I hear a cough on the baby monitor or see him start to move around in his crib. Seriously those few moments where you're not sure if they're going to stay asleep and it could really go either way, are terrifying... to me. I'm not exactly the praying type, but if you don't think I'm literally begging "please for the love of everything that's holy don't wake up," you've never been a parent. After 4 nights of Nathan waking up and requiring us to feed him a 4th meal in the middle of the night, consisting of immense amounts of fruit and other things that will no doubt rot the teeth that I pray he's getting to explain this bizarre behavior, and complete with him insisting to be put in his high chair to be served this meal, on night terror night, he asked for nothing. He just cried and squealed like the literal devil was coming for him, thrashed around his crib, and could not be consoled. Probably because he wasn't even really awake. He was a zombie child. After we struggled to squirt children's Advil down his sleep-crying throat and had no choice but to place him back in his crib and hope for the best, my husband went back in to shut the light off in his room, and sent me this text, "he was standing in his crib just now and he looked possessed." Wonderful. If even drugging him doesn't work, maybe we should try an exorcism...


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