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These days you never know when your toddler might be filming a reality show of your life.

Do you ever look at your child and wonder what they’ll be when they grow up? When I was little I wanted to be a television news anchor. Not the ones who actually had to do real journalism work like investigating and reporting, the lady I saw sitting there looking pretty and reading things off a teleprompter. After that I aspired to be Celine Dion, and now I wear the same clothes everyday. The dream lives on.

Nathan loves to help feed and take care of our cat, goes crazy when we look at photos of cats on Beth Stern’s Instagram, gets super excited when he sees dogs (even though he’s still a little frightened) and at a friend’s birthday party he gently petted a bunny. So we joke that maybe he’ll become a veterinarian. At school they put each of the children’s faces on certain community jobs and Nathan was chosen to be the city worker, and he loves to play with trucks. So we joke that maybe that’s what he’ll do. But what I really think we have is an itty-bitty aspiring filmmaker. A small Spielberg. A teensy-weensy Tarantino. A child Hitchcock. A peanut Polanski.

As with most kids, Nathan wants everything we have, most especially our cell phones. He sees us using them (admittedly too much, we're working on it I promise) and he wants to have it. We laugh when he puts it to his ear like he’s having a conversation. Hello??? I laugh because usually it’s my husband’s cell phone that he desires, subsequently disables and locks him out of for endless periods of time. But the funniest part by far is when he figures out how to enable the camera and unbeknownst to us, takes photos and videos.

We couldn’t figure out how he was getting into the phone because it has the retina scan access. When I asked my husband he said “maybe he has my eyes.” Ok creepster.

We were introduced to Nathan’s newest hobby one Sunday when he demanded Josh’s phone, immediately gained access to the camera and began pressing buttons. We didn't know what he was doing but he was entertained and quiet, so we let him play while we carried on our normal conversation. We later discovered he had been hard at work creating 2 short films and a study of close-up body parts.

“What is that?” I wondered, and my husband replied, “I think that’s his foot?”

The first movie was downright riveting. The opening scene featured a close-up of my husband’s crotch, followed by some off-the-cuff background commentary about a cat from the South, a dramatic fade to black and then just when you thought it was over, an unexpected sweeping slow-mo of the ceiling. He really packed a lot of drama into 11 seconds. I’ve submitted "Southern Cat" below for your consideration.

Like any good filmmaker, his style and vision continues to evolve as he moves toward producing his first full-length documentary. Currently because his pieces are short and artistically edgy, it can be difficult to see the deeper message behind his work. But his new stuff is quite spiritual. This weekend he produced what I think is his best work yet. We call it “Change.” It’s an emotional look at the journey of moving forward from a dirty diaper to a new clean beginning. For emphasis and to illustrate the passing of time ie, how quickly change can come, he chose to film in time-lapse video. So while the entire feature only encompasses 4 seconds and therefore some of the details might be lost upon first viewing, the message is clear. I assume he intends us to watch it a couple of times to obtain the full effect and meaning. Nathan is debuting "Change" today exclusively on our Instagram (mommysamess_jm) and Facebook (@mommysamess) pages and you won't want to miss this. So if you're not already following, I suggest you go do that now.

During the filming of "Change", he also had the forethought to shoot a promotional poster. I mean Jesus it’s even in black and white. Can you stand the drama? I swear he did all of this by himself...


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