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Traveling with kids can bring a whole new host of medical issues. Everywhere we go whether to Maryland or our most recent trip to Morocco we always pack our medical kit. It covers the whole family from hangover (I mean adult headaches) to feverish children.

I always pack two. One smaller one for my carry on for the plane and a larger one that goes with our checked luggage.

So what should you pack?

· Bandaids

· Antibiotic Ointment (Neosporin)

· Steriwipes

· Children/Infant- Ibuprofen/Tylenol

· Adult- Ibuprofen/Tylenol

· Antidiarrheal medication

· Antihistamines

· Pedialyte powder packets

· Thermometer

· Hand sanitizer

· Prescriptions (Make sure they are in the prescription bottle and you may need a note from your doctor)

· Tweezers

· Orajel

· Diaper Rash Cream

· Motion Sickness tablets or you can pack some essential oils (ginger, lavender or peppermint)

· Gauze/Bandages

· Vaseline

Pending your Destination

· Bug Spray

· Sun Screen

· After Bite

· After Sun

Travel Insurance

We ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get travel insurance. If the worst does happen it can give you peace of mind. Yes, in other countries in the world outside of the US medical care is much cheaper however you never know what you may need.

Typically you will want a private clinic which we have known from experience when we recently had to take Elah to a private medical clinic in Martinique for an infected insect bite (it cost 75$).

Thank goodness we have never had to use our travel medical insurance however Ilan’s father has. His medical bills without insurance would have costed him hundreds and thousands of dollars (he is fine in case you are wondering).

Always keep the insurance documents on you including their hotline number and set a reminder for annual renewal.

NOTE: Not all insurances cover pregnancy so you may need a different policy if you are pregnant.


We are a pro-vax family (this is not a vaccination debate post). If you are also pro-vax make sure you check out the CDC website or WHO website to see what vaccinations are needed in various locations you travel to. If you are traveling with a young infant for a longer period of time you can get vaccinations at a private clinic abroad and sometimes pediatricians are willing to alter a vaccination schedule to meet your family needs.


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