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The pediatrician said "take a breath, hold it, and RUN," as we made a break for it through the infested waiting room.

The diagnosis? An ear infection. All of the gook that I couldn't successfully NoseFrida out congregated, festered, and backed up into his ear canal. Considering he has 101 fever and an infection, he's been pretty happy. We were thankful for this while we learned you wait a lot longer on the sick side of the doctor's office than on the well side.

This was our first time on the sick side. I hadn't even realized there were sides until we crossed over to the not preferred side. After we checked in and I saw just how many sick kids there were on the sick side of the waiting room, I promptly covered my son's car seat in a blanket (because germs are repelled by a thin piece of muslin.) My husband obviously thought this was ridiculous because when they called our name, he looked down at the seat, and said "oh, is this him?"

At least it's not the flu. But now I have a sick baby who is on antibiotics (I wish my medicine was bubble gum flavored) and cannot go back to day care until he is fever free for 24 hours. I also have a thousand things to do (you know like a full-time job, and then another full-time job keeping a human child alive) of which I'm currently accomplishing nothing besides shaking a rattle nonstop in front of his face to keep him from screaming. The second I stop paying attention to him he cries and when I turn back to look at him, he smiles. Because he knows I am his slave for life...

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