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Don’t Be A Cube Noob

The number one argument Ilan and I have when traveling is keeping our suitcase neat. We travel quite a lot and he is notorious for making our suitcase a mess and I am frequently yelled at for reaching back into the suitcase after it is closed to grab a last minute item, rummaging around and then making the mess I was trying so hard to avoid.

Then I was introduced to packing cubes.

At lunch my friend Rachel mentioned how packing cubes had transformed her packing organization especially when traveling with her infant.

With our upcoming trip to the Philippines and a likely jet lagged infant, I realized the last thing I wanted to do was worry about our most common travel argument.

Although skeptical, I bought some reasonably priced packing cubes to give them a try.

These little cubes of goodness revolutionized the way we packed. They helped us stay organized, prevented overpacking, kept our belongings compact, wrinkle free and dry. They also helped me find what I needed in record time.

With different sizes and shapes, it made it possible to find the right packing cube to fit perfectly into our luggage and simultaneously made me feel like I was playing a game of tetris.

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