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I end up just shoving literally everything in there anyway.

My son was born 9 days early. While that may not seem like a lot of time, for me those 9 days were crucial to getting everything ready and organized. Don’t think for a second I didn’t already own all the things I needed. I’d ordered them months prior, they were all just sitting in an extra room in their original packaging. So when we had to go to our first pediatrician’s appointment, and were obviously already late and halfway out the door and the baby nurse said “do you have the diaper bag?,” Houston, we had a problem. Oh I had a diaper bag alright, but it had nothing in it. From that moment on, I’ve tried to keep on top of my diaper bag to varying levels of success. That is, when I remember to bring it in the first place…

Besides the obvious like diapers and an extra set of clothing (or 2, or 5), and the not necessary like baby sneakers and a book, here’s what’s currently in my bag:

On-the-go wipes dispenser

OXO Tot makes some awesome baby stuff. This travel wipes dispenser keeps the wipes moist (cringe). So moist that when we were in Maine over the winter and left the diaper bag in the car, like geniuses, the wipes froze into a solid block of ice. Fun times when you’re trying to change a diaper alone with an ice cube. Strange me trying to defrost them with just my breath didn’t work.

Muslin blanket

This thing is an all-around winner. Lightweight enough to not take up much room in the bag and functions as an emergency blanket, swaddle, burp cloth, sun shade, germ repellent, even a scarf for mom!

Stain Remover Pen

Not that a diaper blowout can be cured with a tiny soap pen, but handy to have around for small soils on important clothing while on the go... for you, or baby. Or even just to set that stain for later if you won't be able to clean the item for a while.

Formula dispenser and extra bottle

I was nervous to switch my son to formula when I stopped breastfeeding at 6 months because I’d never used formula before. Turns out it’s fairly self-explanatory. But you can’t lug a jug of formula around, so you need one of these handy dandy dispensers. This one is sturdy, small, and easy to use. I can fit 3 scoops of formula in each section, I'd be a bit nervous to try to go to 4 though.

Table toppers

While at lunch this weekend with my friends, they both whipped out these disposable placemats. These things stick to the tabletop so the baby can dine on finger foods without having to touch the yucky restaurant table. I was sold! These will definitely be a staple in my bag from now on!

Diaper bag

I did a lot of research before choosing a diaper bag. I wanted one large enough to fit everything I needed to schlep around, but not one so large that I lost stuff in it or I couldn’t carry it. I finally settled on a backpack style so that my husband could also feel comfortable using it and so that I could be hands free. This one comes with a changing pad and 2 zippered containers in the front pouch. It's roomy but not enormous. My baby nurse suggested replacing everything you've taken out as soon as you get home. So if while you're out you use 2 diapers, when you get home, immediately put 2 diapers back inside. She also recommended leaving it right next to the door so you don't accidentally forget it. Been there, done that. It also might be smart to leave a night diaper and a pair of pajamas in there in case you're going to be out past normal bedtime and don't want to have to wake baby up to change when you get home. We learned that the hard way one night. And always remember to change the diapers and clothes out when you move to the next size too. I always forget to do that.

I also have hand sanitizer, individually packaged baby hand-wipes, pacifier wipes, boogie wipes, toy and table wipes, and wipes to wipe wipes with. A hat in case it's sunny. Extra socks. The pooper scooper bags and wee wee pads for dirty diapers. Random toys. Puffs or teething crackers. And don’t forget a granola or protein bar for YOU. Shove it in the side of the bag for those days when you’re so busy taking care of baby that you forgot to eat! So like everyday...

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