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This mom has got some fly moves, and I don't mean me.

I am not one to ask for help easily. I try to be a self-starter, a one-woman do-it-all'er, a super mom. Can I make a full holiday dinner, get myself dressed and ready, and wrangle a toddler at the same time? Sure I can! Can I carry a diaper bag, a school bag, a gym bag, 6 grocery bags, 2 UPS packages and Nathan's 22 pounds of dead weight at the same time? You betcha! But somehow my arms still are not nearly as cut as Michelle Obama's. Why? Because it's difficult to do all that and still find time to take care of my own health and wellness. Since becoming a mom, I've learned that asking for help doesn't mean you're a failure. In fact, asking for help might be my new favorite pastime. Sometimes it's not possible to succeed at everything all by yourself and you need to try something new. Shake it up a little bit. Dance it out.

When I finally decided to work at losing the last of my baby weight, I sought out my old boss' wife Susan, who is a mother of 2, local fitness instructor, momtraprenuer, and Iron Mom finalist (more on that later.) Because frankly I was tired of seeing her insane abs all over Facebook and not being able to understand how it was possible for someone to be in such amazing shape. So this supermom went a little out of her comfort zone and took Iron mom's HITZJAM® exercise class one night.

Susan was nice enough to let me experience her class and by experience I mean bring the level of dance awesomeness significantly down by adding my 2 left feet. She leads the class twice a week, her own proprietary cardio/dance fitness program that she pioneered about 7 years ago after starting as a Zumba instructor but feeling like something was missing.

Why start HITZJAM? "I wanted to create an environment of empowerment, but also offer a real kick-ass workout."

On this particular night the class was having a Glow party to celebrate Susan's birthday. Which was great because everyone was super pumped to glow in the blacklight, and I was super pumped that it was dark and nobody could see my terrible dancing. Upon arrival I was immediately struck by the intense energy and camaraderie emanating from this dedicated group of women who swear by Susan's class. They were friendly, welcoming and nonjudgmental. They were there to have fun, let go, and burn some calories in the process. Alise, a mom of 2, told me that if she was going to leave her kids with her husband for an hour, she wanted to make the most of her workout and Susan's class had produced those results for her. Personally I'd leave my kid for an hour to go sit on a bench, but I understand what she's saying. Like Susan, the women in the class know the importance of taking time for themselves, setting a healthy example for their kids, and the trickle-down effect when moms are in a good place mentally and physically.

Happy wife. Happy life. Happy Mom. Happy Family.

Susan is so much more impressive than what you see on the outside. I was shocked when I learned her personal fitness journey included a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. What could break someone else fueled her to reignite her passion for dance and to inspire others to fall in love with fitness. This strength was what led Susan to be nominated for Iron Mom, which she said was about people who've overcome hardships and turned the struggle around to impact others. Although she did not win, it's not hard to see why she was a finalist.

Watching Susan dance her heart out made me tired. Her energy is endless. She choreographs the entire class by herself and focuses each song on a specific purpose, like working your abs, arms, legs, or glutes. I don't know about everyone else but my glutes got sufficiently kicked in her class. But most of all I had a blast, met some amazing women, and surprisingly I've been invited back! So if anyone wants to bust a move with me and Susan on Monday or Wednesday nights, let's do it! I promise this time I'll ask if I can touch the abs. I almost asked her last time, but then I thought that was probably as creepy as when Jimmy Fallon touched Donald Trump's hair. But trust me these things are 100% real and they're glorious. Just like Susan...

To see more about Susan and the schedule of her HITZJAM and Zumba classes on Long Island, check out https://www.susanrubinfitness.com/


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