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He’s the Al to my Tim “The Toolman” Taylor.

Since we moved into our house 2 years ago, my parents have been very helpful with doing everything from caulk, grout, cement, hang photos, shelves and other various annoying things that need precise measurements, clean out the dishwasher trap (because apparently that’s a thing), iron on day-care labels, go to Buy Buy Baby 3 million times, paint the nursery, and do DIY craft projects like make a window valance out of a crib bumper. Seriously, if you didn’t know any better you would think I bought that at Pottery Barn Kids for the window. It’s mighty impressive.

So when I decided to take on the challenge of making my own baby food, I made sure my first attempt aligned with when my parents would be over. At first when I heard people talking about making baby food, I thought it sounded nuts. It seemed so time consuming and unnecessary when they sell baby food in tiny adorable jars in the supermarkets. But the more I thought about it and after my sister-in-law explained to me what it actually entailed, I realized that it wasn’t that hard and if I did it over the weekend and made large enough quantities to freeze, it was quite doable.

Look at me overachieving.

During our trip to the supermarket, we selected our first experiments to be sweet potatoes and pears. The sweet potatoes would need to be cooked, scooped, then pureed, and the pears would need to be peeled, cored, steamed, then pureed. I’ve never steamed anything before in my life. In fact, when I was researching what I needed to buy to steam things, I realized that I already owned a steam insert for the large pot we got as a wedding gift. Who knew? Certainly not me. I was using the steam insert as a colander for pasta.

The potatoes were easy. We zapped those suckers in the microwave, put them right into the food processor, added some breast milk to smooth them out and VOILA! Homemade, delicious baby food! I even tasted it just to be sure. Somehow I was the only volunteer (because it made sense for the milk to travel full circle out of me and then back into me.) We spooned some portions into my food cubes for the next couple days of feedings and placed the rest into the ice cube trays to freeze.

The pears required a bit more work and for some reason I was left in charge of putting the steamed pears into the food processor and well, processing. I spooned them in, locked in the bowl, and started pressing the button. But nothing was happening. Upon expert review, my father concluded that I hadn’t bothered to plug in the machine. It makes a world of difference or so I'm told. Felt pretty dumb about that. We had a good laugh, I plugged it in, pressed the button and still nothing was getting pureed. Why is this so difficult? Well folks, I forgot to put the blade inside.

I think I might be fired from making my own baby food…


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