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Someone might not survive but not because of COVID-19.

The world has gone mad. In just one week, life dramatically changed for us all. Or at least it probably should have. Yes I'm looking at you people who continue going out everywhere and acting like this isn't really happening. Though, no matter what your feeling is about what's going on, I think we can all agree it's a scary time. Anything filled with this much uncertainty is scary. We've never lived through anything like this before and some days it still doesn't even feel real. Everyday there are more dire warnings. Everyday more closings. Our school is now closed for 2 weeks. Closed. Like shut. Everyday. Not even a little open. At all. Could be longer than that. Terrifying. I keep pinching myself but I just end up with a wicked red mark and the fact that I'll still have to take care of both my small children, while also somehow working from home. And my husband working from home. All of us home. Home. The place we'll all be confined to for an indeterminate amount of time. And the future name of the horror movie starring my family.

Self-quarantine means by yourself right?

I have to admit though, at first, it was strangely easy for me to grapple with staying home. I'm a strict rule-follower, my friend at work used to make fun of me and call me Tracy Flick, and let's be honest, social distancing is my life's calling. As a self-professed homebody, I have no exciting trips I'm forced to cancel, no big social events I can no longer attend. It's just me, my cat, my couch, my DVR, my lifetime supply of penne, oh, and my husband and 2 monsters. I feel like before kids, this would have been a dream. Now, not so much. There's no relaxing and there's certainly no getting anything done when your kids are home 24/7. But I guess at least I'm not expected to teach them anything, just to keep them somewhat entertained, fed, and away from other human beings. And to keep my husband and I away from each others throats. If one more box of disaster supplies arrives, I think he might strangle me.

Make no mistake, this is going to test us all. It's a lot of together time, coupled with a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. Recipe for disaster. Last night I had the worst case of the Sunday Scaries. Then I laughed, because it was either that or cry, and thought, well at least I knew what day it was. That's the first thing to go when you're confined to the house every day. After experiencing 2 maternity leaves and full-time working from home, you learn that everyday becomes the same and they all blend together. And now, who knows what tomorrow will bring. It's only Day 3 and I want to poke both my eyeballs out. I tried to use this weekend as a test run, but I got a little too ambitious with a failed attempt at potty training and by the end of 2 days in the house I wanted to put Nathan in the shed. Only, nobody knows how many more, days to go...

Stay safe and healthy everyone. Screw you Coronavirus.

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