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Let’s be honest, this first birthday party was really for me.

It’s time to celebrate! Time to have a party! I made it through 1 year and my child is still alive!!! Oops, I mean it’s my child’s first birthday party. Because he’s turning 1. A party for him. That’s not at all for adults. Even though it has adult food, adult beverages, and I slaved away perfecting every last detail (to impress adults) that no child even pays attention to let alone will remember. Not even the child whose birthday it is. My child. It’s his first birthday party and if it’s not Pinterest- ready, I will consider myself a huge disappointment. But no pressure.

Ok party people! This is a big deal. I've been planning this thing for literally months, what feels like almost 12 months, so I'll take you on my journey. Where do we start? Well first, we need a theme. What does my kid like? I could ask him, but oh right he’s 1 and he doesn’t talk. Or like anything except eating strawberries, sleeping, pooping, screaming and throwing his toys over his shoulder. I should have seriously considered a poop-themed party if I wanted to exemplify his first year of life. As Stacie told me, I would have been the talk of the town. Just think of the creative possibilities. I could have served fudge. Chocolate cake. Pudding. Hung poop emoji decorations. It really would have been the most honest theme ever. But alas, I didn’t think of it in time, and it’s probably in bad taste, so instead we went with Little Man, or “Mr. Man” as we call him. Which I thought was a fairly unique idea, until we got one of his friend’s invites 3 weeks prior with the same theme. RATS.

Next, we need a venue and a guest list. There was a less than zero chance I was having this party at my house. Every person I spoke to who had the party at their house, the first thing they told me was "don't have the party at your house." Yea all over that guys. Not having hundreds of people and a bunch of babies tearing apart my home. Because that's who most people invite to a first birthday party... every single person they've ever met and all of their offspring.

So we picked the restaurant down the street with an easy, kid-friendly buffet menu. But what really is kid-friendly these days? So many children have allergies these days, gluten-free, dairy-free, no nuts. It never occurred to me that I had to consider all of that because I've never thrown a kid party before and it wasn't that way when we were growing up. I'd never want any child to feel left out, so I had to make sure there was something for everyone. That included making special treats for my friend's son who is dairy free.

This was no big deal since I was already making an insane amount of treats anyway. I Pinterest'd my heart out and made 60 of these bow-tie, dipped rice krispie treats. For favors I decided to do chocolate lollipop mustaches. I figured who doesn't like a party favor they can eat, and saved myself from the dreaded goody bags for at least one more year. I designed the tag in Microsoft Word, seriously the most fun I've had working in Word probably ever, and glued each one to a piece of blue oak tag. Then tied them around the lollipop stick. I've been a very busy little candy-making elf and soon I'll be a very busy large candy-eating blob because I have a lot of leftovers. If anyone wants to come over and eat chocolate, let me know.

For decor I relied on my bizarrely random and strangely on-point talent of making shirts out of origami. I found this awesomely preppy pattern to print on the paper, and used the shirts to make the high-chair garland and photo-booth banner by stringing them on twine. I added bow ties to the shirts by painting farfalle pasta with acrylic paint and hot glueing them on. Because I'm a lunatic.

And then there was the big reveal of Nathan's birthday cake, custom-made by Sarah, and the centerpiece of the dessert table. Look at this little-man masterpiece! She really outdid herself and although I was secretly hoping there would be a ton of leftovers, it was basically devoured. By everyone, including the birthday boy, who when faced with the option to smash, smush, smear, or throw... shoved the entire piece of cake into his mouth and ate every last crumb. The only cake we took home, I accidentally left on the counter and found the cat eating it. Because it's that delicious.

We had the best time celebrating our best boy with all of our wonderful friends and family. Although we all laugh about the hard times every Monday (he's literally screaming at me right now), it's been such a joy to be his mommy this first year, and I can't wait to see what comes next. Thanks to the Main Event in Plainview for hosting us and to Songs for Seeds of Roslyn for helping us make beautiful music to entertain all of Nathan's buddies. I'm exhausted and probably going to sleep for a week straight and then start planning his 2nd birthday...


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