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When you can't send glass bottles to day care, use them as stemware instead. They're the new mason jars.

Never second guess your gut instinct. That’s one rule of mommyhood I keep trying to remind myself about (and trying, and trying). There are so many sources of amazing information (and opinions); the internet (this site!), your mom friends, your pediatrician, the registry people at the baby store, anyone and everyone, your mom?, but sometimes all of these inputs make for too many cooks in the kitchen, when truly, you probably already know the right decision.

This rule holds true about everything from the big important stuff such as “I’m not sure if my baby is sick” to the little stuff… “which bottles should I buy?”

In my registry welcome goody bag I received a sample of the plastic Phillips Avent bottle. As a new mom, I’ve never owned a baby bottle before and it seemed nice and I liked it. Why? I couldn’t tell you (see marketing works!) What else am I supposed to feel about a baby bottle? I decided those would be the bottles I purchased.

Then I saw my sister-in-law feeding her son with the Life Factory glass bottle. Maybe I should get those instead? I talked myself into it… glass is safer than plastic, easier to clean, look at the pretty colors!

So I bought them.

But what I neglected to realize was that my baby had a say in this decision and he didn’t agree. Babies are persnickety little suckers. We cycled through a couple more bottle brands, courtesy of my hours of internet research about nipple confusion, until I decided to go back to the Avents, in glass. Then came the call from daycare. On the very first day.

“We can’t have glass bottles here, it’s a safety issue."

Well I’m the dumbest mom ever. Glad I spent all that time and money getting and labeling a bunch of useless bottles. I guess I should get those plastic Avent bottles now. I need a drink. Maybe I'll open a bar where all the drinks are served in glass baby bottles. Now there's an idea, for another time... when I actually have time...

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