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I don't know Annie Lennox, you tell me.

I guess I have it easier than most moms these days. Definitely not with regards to being stuck at home with 2 small, helpless children. That is hard. But in the fact that I don't really have to explain everything that's currently going on in the world on any deep level. Why are we in the house and not going to school? Why can't we see our friends or family? Why are people protesting with signs? Why can't we all just love and be kind to one another? The most we explained to Nathan about this very unsettling time in America was that people were sick and we had to stay home until they were better. He seemed to internalize that as much as he could, being only 2.5 years old. Repeating it back to me a couple of days later unprompted and saying he was going to wear his mask to "keep everyone safe." And thankfully never asking his new favorite question, WHY?

Yes, it seems we've moved on from our other favorite question "what's that noise?" to "why?" The answer to everything is why. Everything. There is not one statement that he cannot ask why to. And he is both consistent and excruciatingly persistent. It's a constant daily assault. I am literally racking my brain for persuasive reasoning for the simplest tasks all day long. Seriously if you've never asked yourself why you do all the things you do and prepared robust arguments and counter-arguments, consider trying it sometime. It's fun. Nope I lied, it's not at all fun.

I'll give you some examples.

Please pickup your scooter. Why? Because we can't leave it in the middle of the sidewalk. Why? Because it belongs to us and we have to take it home. Why? Because we just do.

Please get ready for bedtime. Why? Because it's bedtime. Why? Because it's 10pm. Why? Because that's just what time it is. Why? Because when the Earth orbits around the sun... really kid just go to bed.

Please put on your underpants. Why? Because people wear underpants. Why? Because it's comfortable. Why? Because just do it.

Most of the time I feel like breaking into the chorus of the journey to Oz, because, because, because, because, becauseeeee. But usually just end up saying because I said so. Or because this is my house and I'm in charge. Why? Because I'm turning into my mom. And my brain is bleeding from the circular logic and now I'm beginning to question things I know to be true. At least

I think they're true. But why?

Why in fact is it bedtime? Are underpants really that comfortable?

Don't be fooled, he's not asking because he has some strong philosophical yearning to understand the world on a deeper level. He's doing it to be annoying and defiant. Why? Because he can. Trust me he knows exactly what he's doing. The other day during one of our near-constant exchanges about the virtues of wearing underpants, when I began my exasperated reply, he interrupted with a giant smirk, patted me on the shoulder, and proclaimed "because you say so mommy?" Then proceeded to hug me, tell me he loved me so much, and basically checkmate. OMG I have a master-manipulator toddler teenager...

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