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Updated: May 1, 2018

When poop strikes, strike back.

Pooper scooper bags

While in Home Goods I had the genius idea of buying doggy pooper scooper bags to keep in my diaper bag and use to dispose of dirty diapers while I was on the go. Apparently this is already a thing they sell for baby diapers, but my kid has the dog ones.

Because I'm a genius.

Wee wee pads

They also make these for human babies, but again I got the doggy ones. Don’t ask.

Oxi clean spray or gel

I sent a bottle of this in a bag to day care and begged them to spray any stains. My husband once left a heavily soiled white onesie in the laundry room for hours. I thought it was for sure a goner. This is the only thing that works. The bad bad ones, I soak in Oxi clean powder then wash everything with Dreft.

Diaper extenders

A little pricey and I wish the adhesive was a tiny bit further down so the extension was fully maximized, but these are a great affront to back explosions. Sometimes if he didn't go, I'd pull them off and stick them on the next diaper.

oxo Brush

I have zero clue what this brush is actually intended for, but I found it with my laundry stuff and it works wonders at scrubbing out crap. You could probably also use an old toothbrush. Basically the other choices were touch the shit, or rub it with the other pant leg, and then it’s just everywhere. You need a brush.

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