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Updated: May 1, 2018

Because it would be too much to ask for babies to eat with things we

already own.

Food processor

I received a gorgeous full-sized food processor for my wedding. It’s pristine… because it’s still in its original packaging. Although I could probably make more food in the big one, I got this adorable little one my sister-in-law has because it seemed more manageable and travel friendly. I could also buy pre-made baby food instead of making it myself, but I prefer to be a martyr.

Ice cube trays

No need to get fancy here although there are tons of freezer trays made specifically for freezing baby food. I read that silicone picks up smells from the freezer, so no thanks on that. I got these because each cube is exactly 1 ounce and the frozen food pops out like a dream (if your dream is to make baby food in ice cube trays.)

Food containers

This is how I currently send powdered cereal to school along with a small container of milk to mix in. The tops snap nicely and securely. My plan was to defrost frozen cubes of food in these, but now I’m feeling like the cubes might not fit. If not, I’m sure I’ll find another use for them (like as

shot glasses).


Finally found the kind of spoons I wanted that also happened to be made in the USA. They’re a little pricey, but I guess isn’t that why everything is made offshore these days. OK fine let’s not get political. These spoons are awesome. I read that they do take on food stains especially with orange stuff like carrots or sweet potatoes, so just a warning. But I love them (as much as a person can love a spoon.)


I’ve been lazy and using some small white glass bowls from Crate and Barrel to mix cereal in, but once we move to real food, I’ll want to be able to serve more than one food and be able to feed on the go.

Oh and lest we forget the crown jewel of baby feeding, the high chair...

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