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Updated: May 1, 2018

The right gear is always in fashion, but the number 1 must have is Amazon Prime

Cooling gel pads

My sister in law brought these to the hospital for me in a breastfeeding goody bag of essential paraphernalia and they were my savior at the beginning. Stick them right in the freezer and right on after feeding or pumping. Then let out a little sigh of relief.

Hands free pumping bra

I had no idea this existed until my friend sent it to me and changed my world. I was sitting like a dunce and holding onto the funnels. Duh. This one works great with the Medela pump parts, but if you have a Spectra pump, you must get one like this.

Nursing bras

The recommendation to not wear underwire is kind of a downer, especially when your already giant melons are now exploding with milk. But these are pretty comfortable and surprisingly affordable since my pre-pregnancy bras were like $80.

Soap, lots of soap

I had tried another brand, but this one made a noticeable difference in removing the gross milky film on the clear bottle nipples that was putting my OCD into overdrive.


Not that kind of grass. Well, nevermind. Even though this takes up half my counter, it is some kind of drying miracle product. Definitely get enough trees or flowers for all of your drying needs. I have 2 trees and 1 flower and sometimes I wish I had more. They even make a tiny travel kit with a bottle brush that is great when you’re taking your pumping show on the road.

Bottle brush

I liked this thing so much I bought another one to do my regular dishes. It has a built in smaller brush that helps to clean the inside of bottle nipples.

Hundreds of nursing pads

I’ve found these to all be generally the same because I’ve lucked into a lot of my friend’s extras. Therefore I’ve tried the Medela, Lansinoh, and Target varieties. You’re gonna be using a lot of these so just go with whatever is cheapest.

Lactation cookies

These are insanely expensive but I am obsessed with them. Apparently you can make your own and I’m sure there are recipes all over the internet, but who’s got time for that? I’m thankful for the cashier at Buy Buy Baby who lets me use coupons on these cookies (because I don’t think you’re supposed to). She’s

my friend.

Breast pump

I did insane amounts of research, spending hours upon hours reading reviews and comparisons, trying to decide between the Medela and Spectra pumps. I changed my mind so many times that when the insurance lady asked me which one I wanted, I froze. Ultimately, I decided to go with the Spectra S2, because although it only ran on A/C power, it seemed lighter and gentler and was a closed system (meaning milk can’t get into your tubes.) However, my baby ended up in the NICU and the hospital had a Medela pump and Medela parts. So when I came home, I had a surplus of Medela parts and no Medela pump. I immediately regretted my decision. Until I found out that you can buy adapters to use the Spectra system with the Medela parts! #epic. You really can’t go wrong with either brand’s pump. They both accomplish the ultimate goal…

milking yourself.

Spare parts

Medela has a lot of accessories that are affordable if you need extra shields, bottles, or tubing. I have 3 sets of pumping parts and all I do is wash dishes, so I can’t imagine having any less.

Nice to haves

Pump wipes

I bought these to use at work but now keep them just in case of emergency. Instead I put the pump parts in the fridge in between each pumping session and wash once at the end of the day. It's the only thing that saves my sanity.


Helps at the beginning when you're in so much pain that you'll literally rub anything on your nipples. Anything.

Fenugreek/Mother’s milk tea

Many of my friends said this worked wonders for them to increase their milk supply. I took it for 2 days and then day care called to say my son was VERY GASSY. I stopped taking them and went back to my delicious cookies and other oatmeal-related products along with lots and lots of water.

Things I bought but didn’t use

Hot/cold pack

Breast shields

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